Meaning expectation

meaning expectation

Define expectation (noun) and get synonyms. What is expectation (noun)? expectation (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. The word expectation comes from the Latin word expectationem, meaning "an awaiting." If you have great expectations, you think something good will come. expectation Bedeutung, Definition expectation: the feeling that good things are going to happen in the future. Mark and Susie went into marriage with very different expectations. Origin of expectation Expand. Theory of probability distributions Gambling terminology. Theory of probability distributions. Now, there are no cliffhangers, just an expectation from the audience that the blood will flow. Students' expectations were as varied as their expertise. Fügen Sie die Leistungsfähigkeit von Cambridge Dictionary Ihrer Website hinzu — mit unseren kostenlosen Suchfeld Widgets. What's Trending Now More Trending Words. There is little expectation that she will come. Definition of expectation from the Collins English Dictionary. Combining the two equations with the expectation of a constant, we can see that. In seasons of cheerfulness, no temper could be more cheerful than hers, or possess, in a greater degree, that sanguine expectation of happiness which is happiness itself.

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Mentioned in These Terms analyst expectation expectation of life. What is the origin of 'sleep tight'? Synonyms and related words. The success of the product has exceeded all our expectations. The group said it expected results for the second half to be in line with expectations , though there may be a shortfall in the first half of the year. The value of any chance as the prospect of prize or property which depends upon some contingent event.

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Expected Value January is always a time of great owl symbol of wisdom and of massive disappointments. I think she had unrealistic expectations of ful tilt poker. The Death of Privacy Lloyd Grove July 10, In of a wage texas holdem app play against computer, he bought a washing-machine. Https:// Mein Wörterbuch einloggen. More Synonyms krankenhaus spiele kostenlos spielen expectation. meaning expectation The act of expecting. And now, my dear, let me ask you, Have I come up to your expectation? Don't get us started on 'bimonthly'. I had an expectation that she would laugh at all of my jokes, but in real life she didn't laugh at any of them. Examples from the Web for expectation Expand. The child read the book The book was read. I broke the glass The glass was broken.


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